[SOLVED ]ofxBox2d with TuioWrapper

Hello! Im trying to code an interactive football game, using box2d to create the world (goals etc) and the ball. I get everthing working with mouse controls, howeve when i try to implement Tuio, using the ofxTuioWrapper, i get a bunch of errors.

For example, i get ‘Reference to int32 is ambiguous’. After some research i found out that int32 is defined in the b2Settings.h (for box2d) and in OscTypes.h for the Tuio.

I’ve googled it but apparently nobody has the same error cause i find nothing…

Any sugestions?

edit: okay so in the b2Setting.h i changed the definition of int32 to long instead of int…no long i get ambiguous definitions…not sure if this has ever happened to anyone but well.
João Freire

just ran into this however changing “int32 to long instead of int” didn’t work (probably updated versions)

shitty fix but what did work was searching for int32 and replacing it with box2dint32 inside the ofxBox2d folder (used TextWrangler)