[Solved] ofTrueTypeFont - Unhandled exception at (FreeType-6.dll)

I am working in the master branch of OF using ofTrueTypeFont. Whenever the destructor is called the program breaks at the following line in ofTrueTypeFont.cpp line 366

    if(face) FT_Done_Face(face);

Unhandled exception at 0x6D3920A4 (FreeType-6.dll)

I used the project generator from 0.8.4 to create my project. I see the dll in the bin folder and the src and lib folders for freetype seem to be wired up properly.

OF master branch, VS 2012, Windows 8.1.

I found this similar thread and realized that I am getting the same error right before the exception. When it releases the vector array, FT_Done_Face(face) is called and an exception is raised.