[solved]how to convert an ofImage to an ofxCvColorImage

i continue my kinect journey, and i try to use opencv with it,
so i successfully create an ofImage containing my depth range, but no way to use it with opencv
so i search a way for convert an ofImage in an ofxCvColorImage or grayImage.
Someone have a tips for me ?

So i found, i used a getPixels() on my ofImage, and then i can convert my ofImage into a ofxCvGrayImage…

I’m trying to convert the depth image retrieved from ofxOpenNi to an OpenCV Mat without any good results.
I don’t understand why the following code results:

Mat image = toCv(openNIDevice.getImagePixels()); —> the image displays ok

but the following does not work:

ofxOpenNIDepthThreshold dt
Mat depth = toCv(dt.getMaskPixels()) or getDepthPixels()… it’t the same.

Anyone had the same problem?
Anyone can help?