[solved] how is xcode 4 on snow leopard for you? any things to watch out for?

greetings people,

as the title says, im asking about xcode 4 for snow leopard. installed it just a few hours ago, and oF works nice, but thats with small projects that im doing to learn oF better. such as video playback and som examples to see things working with xcode 4.
but wanted to ask if anyone has had any problems with it, with certain things, or what to look out for. mainly because its xcode 4 for snow leopard, and not for lion or mountain lion.

im tempted to upgrade to mountain lion. but i need to get all my gigs and shows out of the way first before i commit to such a thing. i wipe my drive clean to start from fresh. but may not, as snow leopard is nice for what i use. thats until developers really start to drop the support, of course.