[solved] .grabScreen produces wrong picture size (Windows)

hello i’m using OF ver 0.9.8 in Windows

the screen capture methods produces wrong size of pictures, for example if I set my screen size 1920X1080, resolution of the picture is 1916X1053. looks like this size is the same even if I increase the screen size a bit, like 1984X1116 or something.

this is very weird. this problem does not exist in my Mac machine.

I’ve tried to forcefully set the picture size by img.grabScreen(0,0,1920,1080); then size of the output image is 1920X1080, but shows little bit of black border on the lower right corner.

any ideas??

// ofSaveScreen(“mov1/”+ ofToString(ofGetFrameNum()) + “.tif”);
img.grabScreen(0, 0 , 1920, 1080);
img.save(“mov1/”+ ofToString(ofGetFrameNum()) + “.tif”);

problem was OF_WINDOW mode. seems like ofSaveScreen kind of methods only can grab the part actually drawn on the monitor