[solved] does anyone have ios editions before ios7 avaiable for download?

hello all,

as the title says im looking for ios 5 and maybe 6. but more so 5.
if anyone has it as a download or know where to get it, could you please let me know.

ios7 is alright, but most things i need it for are basic, so ios7 is too overkill. plus ios7 does not play well with some things from what ive found


sorry let me rephase, i looked back and it doesnt seem to make much sense. funny what a head cold can do to you :wink:

does anyone have the SDK for iOS5?


You can get it from an old xcode img, you can download that from apple developer website

GAAAH, excuse my minor retardation, this head cold still seems to be around :wink:

ive got a developer account, just getting it now. HA. head cold, an arse to the aspiring developer :wink: