[SOLVED] Creating release app errors [latest github repo]

just popped on to this. originally i was using the regular oF download, but wanted the github repo instead [probably because my internet is better to download it]
but on creating a release application mac, an error straight away pops up. works fine in debug.

clang: error: no such file or directory: '/Users/lepton/Developer/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/osx/openFrameworks.a'

and did check and this file missing, cant actually find it. its not in the downloaded github repo file at all. the debug one is in the folder, but missing the main ‘release’ one


Weird, for what it’s worth github master as of this moment works for me.

What should happen is that the app’s target lists the openFrameworks.a lib as a dependency, and Xcode figures it out and builds OF before getting to your app. For some reason it’s not doing that.

Can you try a clean+build?

well i did just get the master [pretty much 10 minutes before i posted this post], then ran the code to make a release. but thats when it happened.

ill have a check and see. very weird indeed

very strange but got it to work.
just closed Xcode. loaded what i was doing before. changed to release again and built it.

very weird indeed. but its done

thanks for the help

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No problem. Xcode’s a little scatterbrained like that sometimes :smile:

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fyi this also happened in a stable version of 0.84…