[SOLVED] Config code::block in Ubuntu to develop openframeworks applications.


I’m trying to config my code::block in ubuntu to develop a small application. But I have a problem to compile.
I downloaded openFramework from official site and extrated in /home/(user)/.
I navigate to /home/(user)/openFrameworks/script/linux/ubuntu/ and execute the installing script. I also installed the dependences that it had changed their names. After I compilled some examples succesfull. I can execute this examples.

But I want to develop my little application in code::blocks because I need to integrate this framework with my own littler library. I saw several tutorial to config code::block with openframeworks in ubuntu but my code::block doesn’t compille.

I created a project, added in the project’s main folder a file called “addons.make” with “ofx3DModelLoader”, created three file (main.cpp, testApp.cpp and testApp.h) and copied in those file the 3DModelLoader example.
I added in Builing options>(name project)>search Directory>Compiler the folders of .h files (openframeworks), folders of .h (/usr/include/…) and /home/(user)/openFrameworks/addons/ofx3dModelLoader/src and /home/(user)/openFrameworks/addons/ofx3dModelLoader/src/3DS

But I can’t compille my example project with code::blocks.

What thing did I do bad?
Could anyone help me?
Sorry for my English.

in linux you don’t need to change the search directories from codeblocks. for addons just add them in addons.make

if you need any extra library or configuration add it in config.make

also you have the projectGenerator in the root of the OF folder, that utility will make it easier to create new projects, include addons…


Thank you. I understand all things. Now I’m compilling everything!
I removed my project and have used the project template. It’s really nice!

The template project is in (openFrameworks folder)/script/linux/template/linux
Also I understood how the custom conde:block wizard works. (openFrameworks folder)/script/codeblocks_wizard/