[SOLVED] Compiling projectGenerator for Release: missing separator

Building projectGenerator fails with * missing separator. Stop on Archlinux. I’m running ./compilePG.sh from of_v0.11.0_linux64gcc6_release.

I have found other similar threads but most are old ish, and I found this one from a year ago which is exactly the same issue as mine but went unanswered.

I am very new to OF (literally, today) and a few of the answers suggest that there is a potential mismatch in expected versions of OpenAl or makefile, or that I could edit some of the addons files etc. but I’m too new to make any sense of this, any pointers please?

(Just to add, I’ve run al the installation scripts and they all worked almost out of the box (had to for example hard code the addons dir in the .sh file). I am able to run the demo fine. Also, when creating a new project on qtcreator it cannot find the binary, not sure if related).

EDIT: This fails when both compiling source and when building directly from AUR.

Ok found solution here:

Downgraded make 4.3 --> 4.2.1.

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Also had this issue, could you tell me the exact command you use to downgrade it?

No need to downgrade make if you build from nightly instead!

I’m using the downgrade make command, downgrade is available from AUR (using Arch like I mentioned in OP).