[SOLVED !!] compiling OF 007 on 10.6 macosx for a 10.5 app version : how to?

EDIT :: [go to the third post to see the solution to this problem]

I am trying to make an app from a project made in OF 007.
I am working on mac osx 10.6 but i want to make an app for osx 10.5 ,
but i am getting those link errors for some poco library symbols.

This was reported here:

But i can not make the changes suggested… so, any advice on how to get a compiled poco library for 10.5 but working on osx 0.6??

thanks ,


Hi all, this is miguel again…

I am still trying to solve this question:

make an OF 007 app for MacOsX 10.5 leopard (i have a snow leopard -10.6- mac).
I seems that the ONLY problem is to have a poco library compiled for 10.5 but i can not get that done.

I think it would be really great that we make a standard procedure to be able to make 10.5 MacOsx apps with OF 007, because a huge amount of people are still using leopard.

Hope anybody can help, and any time i have the answer i will post it… seems important to me and for everybody making apps from OF 007.


Hi all,

so I just could solve this problem, and now i can make any OF 007 app work in 10.5 MAc OSX, which is for me a very important issue.


So this is how i do it:

1- make your usual OF 007 project.
2- drag and drop file
into your “frameworks” group in your XCode OF project.
(if you do not find this libstdc++.dylib in your mac, get it from this post (attached) ).
This will reference this libstdc++ library in your project.
3- set your “active SDK” to 10.5 Debug or 10.5 Release
4- compile and link…
5- enjoy your OF 007 app in 10.5 Mac OSX !!!


The reason that trying to make 10.5 app with OF 007 does not work is that POCO is using a libstdc++ library which is not compatible with the one Xcode is working while compiling in 10.5. If we give another link to the other libstdc++ needed, we solve the problem…

Hope this will help to many OF users.



Thanks miguel, this worked for me on OSX 10.5.8 when downloading your copy of libstdc++.dylib and dragging it into the projecttree. The dylibs on I found on my system didn’t work.