[SOLVED] compile from latest github "cannot find -lunicap"

I am running Ubuntu 10.04. I got the latest version from github, first ran remove_codeblocks.sh script then ran install_codeblocks.sh script then ran install_dependancies.sh scripts. I think they all ran through without errors.
My code blocks starts up saying it is 10.05 so I think the correct version was installed.

If I open any of the example apps and try to compile it says:
“cannot find -lunicap”

I do not see unicap in this folder which I un tarred from github. I do see unicap in older oF install folders.

Is there a stale link somewhere, or am I doing something wrong?

appologies if this is covered elsewhere, I did a search but couldn’t find a reference.

hey, yes, just realized that in my last commit yesterday i forgot some references to unicap that is not there anymore. anyway it’s fixed now

Thanks arturo, the latest version works fine again.

Thanks arturo, the latest version works fine again.