[SOLVED] Banana native touch on win

Hello guys,

i need some basic help in “how to setup win native touch” in OF.

i know there are some threads with nealy the same topic:

and i know there is an addon called “ofxwintouch”, but i just dont get it to work. i tried a lot of things, started with the “ofxwintouch” included examples. but since im using code::blocks and not the visual studio, i dont know how to set up all the needed stuff …

after that, i copied the addon in the addon folder and tried to generate the project via the project-generator. but after that im getting compiler errors like:

- 'GID_END' was not declared in this scope'GESTUREINFO' was not declared in this scope
- 'gi' was not declared in this scope
- 'HGESTUREINFO' was not declared in this scope
- 'GetGestureInfo' was not declared in this scope
- 'GID_BEGIN' was not declared in this scope
- 'GID_END' was not declared in this scope

and so on ...

maybe i just need to add some links in code::blocks, i dont know …

also i tried trentbrooks posted example, which he posted 9 days ago, with a recompiled glfw (for vs2012) and looked for a same solution for me and code::blocks. but no way …

after waste 1 week now, with reading, testing and crying, i decided to ask you, the experts. i havent a problem with coding my stuff, but the pre-setup things are just banana to me.
could please someone give me a step-by-step example of how to implement windows native touch events in openframeworks ? … that would be nice.

im using:

  • of_v0.8.3_win_cb_release
  • code::blocks
  • windows 7
  • iiyama prolite t2735msc-b1

thanks in advice

hello again,

after i thought, its just a problem of code::blocks, i installed visual studio 2012, also visual studio express 2012.
But i get same errors in here. seems like my machine just dont know “GestureInfos”.
With the help of MS developer network, i just found out, my NID isnt ready. So it seems my driver arent fully work, or something like this.

later on

a couple of updates, checkings and more crying later, i tried again trentbrooks posted example, but this time like he explained in vs2012 …
im getting some values now ! not the best since touchDown and touchUp triggers in the same moment and doubletap events not work at all, but i can work with that for now.

so thanks forum for ALL your replys and help, your just awesome …
btw. Moa, welcome in the forum :sunny: