did anyone try to get this running with OF ?

this part is what’s so interesting:
DepthSense DS311 now available for “near mode” tracking, starting at 15 cm

also wonder if the just released kinect for windows in combination with the nyko kinect zoom would give one an even closer range.

I would be curious too. They have a driver for windows and linux ( no os x ).
I have the Nyko Kinect Zoom, its not great, it creates a fisheye effect which means a good portion of the edge of the image is not usable. see:

yeah and the lens naturally also distorts the depth information. so my point clouds look pretty distorted.
but i have no news about the softkinect.

hey, im now also looking into the DepthSense 325 for short-range depth tracking.

anyone have any luck running the SDK in OF?
on OSX in particular…