SOAP Requests over http

Hey oF community.

I want to send a SOAP message using HTTP at the transfer protocol. To do this I need to set the header and body in a specific way. I can build these messages in a SOAP sending chrome extension called boomerang for testing so I know they work but I would like to send them via oF so I can automate everything.

Anyone have any experience using SOAP over HTTP or within oF?

I have done it before with (please read the README as it has dependencies and versions to match oF release and stable branches).

There area bunch of small examples for setting headers and the bodies of posts of various kinds of requests in different ways.

You could replace ofxHTTP::GetRequest with ofxHTTP::PostRequest (see inline docs), or JSONRequest or you could make something custom by extending or using Request.h directly. It simply extends and augments Poco.Net.HTTPRequest.

I’d probably recommend taking a look at JSONRequest request first as a model, as it is probably the closest thing to what you want.

Thanks for the reply!

I was actually looking in to this a bit but abandoned it to try node.js. I will come back to it now.

I’ll push on and see if I can get anything to work in oF and report back!