so let me introduce myself :)

Hello to you all! I have just downloaded OF and played around with some examples :slight_smile: This appears to be a great community and I would like to be a part of it.

About me: I come from a small town in germany, my name is Marc-André Weibezahn, and I am a freelance interactive developer and interaction designer.

Until now, I mostly did Flash/Air and iOS development and some design. I discovered OF because I was looking for a framework for creative coding for native applications.

My short time goal now is to learn c++ (I only worked with objective c so far) and do some experiments. My longtime goal is to make a cool realtime music visualizer (probably an iTunes plugin) which is not a one trick pony but somehow can really show a meaningful interpretation of the currently playing piece.

Back in university, where I studied graphic design, I was introduced to programming and loved to play around with graphical stuff, like generative artwork and such. Right now I do creative coding as a hobby, but I would really love to make it a profession some day.

Since I just started to learn c++ I will probably ask one or more stupid questions on this forum. Whenever I do, be assured that I have searched google, this forum and other sources for answers before. I will not turn to you for every error I encounter but try to figure it out myself first. But, simply put, I am not a CS. I really appreciate every attempt to help me because I know that it means that someone else has put his/her efforts and time into that.

Oh, and I already tried to contribute with something, but am a bit unsure if it was appropriate: in the wiki there is an example for a simple particle system. I copied the code but encountered some errors in the parts where it was iterating through the lists. Turned out, objects and pointers seemed to have been mixed up – at least turning the list types to pointers and changing the accessor and function call syntax from “->” to "."‚ solved my problems. So I edited the wiki article. Maybe I overlooked something and it was a bit bold to do this on my first visit… if so, I apologize for that.

Oh, here’s a link to my website, which hasn’t been updated in a while…

Allright, that introduction got longer than I thought. So, good night and happy coding! :slight_smile: