Snow Leopard

Hi ! :stuck_out_tongue:
As friday Snow leopard will be available.
I plan to get it quite early, but it involves risks like seeing many of my daily softwares stop working.

I would like to know if openFrameworks could be broken in any way by SL ?
May be someone is already using the golden release of SL, and could share some of his experiences :slight_smile:

Thank youuuu !

Also, I know openFrameworks is cross platform, but I guess some people will develop some add-ons to bind OpenCL. I can’t wait to see this :slight_smile:

Yup it works :slight_smile:

Havent seen any problems yet. Only thing is that you have to choose 10.5 or 10.6 in build options, since 10.4 (which is default in all the 006 example xcode projects) isn’t supported anymore. But thats really all… And you get the new XCode 3.2, which actually has some nice small improvements.

double post…

Thank you for your answer !
I’m quite relieved :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get it friday !


Just wanted to point out, that it is possible to build apps with 10.4 SDK under Snow Leopard, so nothing changes at all and everything should work as it did with leopard/tiger.
The only thing to do is, when installing Xcode 3.2, to check the optional 10.4 support and in any 006 example, change the compiler from gcc 4.2 to gcc 4.0, as 4.2 does not support 10.4 SDK. Compiled the allAddonsExample (debug) with no problems, except the plist warning and 2 additional warnings when compiling for release ( Following the tip in the url did the trick!

When trying to compile other examples, it gives me this warning:

ld: warning: object file compiled with -mlong-branch which is no longer needed. To remove this warning, recompile without -mlong-branch: /Developer/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin10/4.0.1/crt3.o  

Removing all ppc configurations from project settings seems to solve that.


in getting Snow Leopard, what are the possible risk that i might encounter?.

coz you see, i’ve been thinking on having one…
but i still doubt on it that there might be a problem once i have it…

I cannot come up with anything of related that is a problem under 10.6! I havent myself encountered any problems at all after going to 10.6 under any programs.

there is a problem:
libraries that are configured via ./configure compile 64-bit only by default. so they won’t be compatible with OF which is 32-bit only because the quicktime code doesn’t work in 64-bit. at least i was not able to compile it on 64-bit. so if you use a lot of other libraries you’ll have a lot of work to do. it took me a whole day and then i decided not to use snow leopard on my live performance machine.