Smoothing / Anit-aliasing in Ubuntu

Hello all.
I’m using ofxUI for an app that will run on linux and iOS but I can’t get shape smoothing/anti-aliasing to work on Linux. I’ve tried the recommended setGlutDisplayString thing with no success:

// window.setGlutDisplayString( “rgba double samples>=4”);
// window.setGlutDisplayString(“rgba double samples>=4 depth”);
// window.setGlutDisplayString( “rgb double depth alpha samples>=4”);
// window.setGlutDisplayString( “rgb double depth alpha samples”);

And also tried to use GLFW per the instructions here I managed to compile the app but it segfaults after it starts.

Any ideas on how to get antialiasing to work under linux?

I have a macbook pro 8,1 with the built in (intel?) video card.

probably your card (or driver) doesn’t support fsaa under linux. the 3rd option you post or:

window.setGlutDisplayString( “rgb double depth alpha samples=4”);
window.setGlutDisplayString( “rgba double depth alpha samples=4”);

should work and glfw always works as far as i’ve try

Thanks for the reply, Arturo.
Can you recommend a way to verify/fix my drivers under Linux?
I’ll try GLFW one more time to see if I can make it work.

in a terminal try:

glxinfo | grep multisample  

if you don’t get anything then your card doesn’t support antialiasing

also try:

glxinfo | grep "vendor string"  

to see what driver you are using, if you get something like MESA then you are using a software emulation. also open the aditional drivers utility to see if you need to install any propietary driver