Smooth playback speed adjustment

I need to be able to change playback speed of my video smoothly without hiccups /short stalls of the video.
I currently use ofVideoPlayer based on DirectShow.
Any suggestions for alternative players or alternative ways. I already tried setting frames/positions explicitly but that does not work nicely with the update function. I don’t get updates of the screen at all or very occasionally.
Thanks in advance, Patrick

The codec and encoding settings of the files will make a big difference. What are you using?

I was using h264.

setSpeed will result in a setRate in DirectShow, see that indicates the playback is stopped.
This does not sound encoding dependent.

But the workaround to set frames manually (setFrame) during the update function seems to work for MJPEG.
For every update call I get an update of the display. So I will stick to this - until someone has better suggestion.

(I also tried ofxHapPlayer - which was quite a struggle for Windows. This does not suffer from hiccup. But then discovered the files are even much bigger than MJPEG. So I see no advantage for Hap.)