Smile Tracker Project (Paid)


I am looking for an experienced OF creative coder to help prototype a smile/face tracker interactive for an 2016 electronic arts festival. The project will be presented in Helsinki, I am based in London, UK. However, happy to work with someone remotely so location is not an issue.
The project is to develop an interactive application that will run on a large screen in public space, and possibly handheld smaller screens too… translating smile data into positional data to move visual content along a timeline…
I can imagine that experience with openCV is needed and the availability to start immediately.
There is a quick turn around for this project and it is paid.

Please email me if interested at boss [at]



You might want to just get ahold of Ehsan if he can help:

ofxFaceTracker already does most of the heavy lifting - namely finding smiling faces for its input stream :slightly_smiling: … might help you, or the person who’s gonna realize the project in the end!