Small preview addons ofxFurry 2

Hello guys,

I am making a porting ofxFurry for openFrameworks 0.9.

I leave here the link of the new branch:


  • Version of GLSL and been upgraded to 330.
  • I also brought the calculation of delaunay to build the mesh
    kinect within a thread.
  • Currently the part GLSL provides for a number of different style.
    to draw the hair. (focus is still all a bit confused by the weekend I hope to finish cleanly).
  • The noise for the movement of the hair has been improved.
  • I’m adding a physical fake that I’m testing (under construction).
  • I added files .qbs for those who want to work with QtCreator (very comfortable).
  • It was added a new method for managing ModelMatrix for Assimp.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the community for his work with openFrameworks 0.9, are legendary!