Small hardware for exhibitions

Hey guys,

i recently tested the raspberry pi and realized that it has not so much graphical power as i wished and as i needed.
I was wondering if there is a good alternative to the raspberry with a bigger graphic card which is so small that it can nicely be hidden behind a screen or in a small box. What are you guys using in your exhibitions?

If it’s your budget / form factor, this is great :

Run multiple hd video while processing data from a kinect v2.

I believe there’s another version with an nvidia graphic card, but it heats up a lot (and makes a lot of noise because of the fan)

What are you trying to do exactly?

we could probably suggest hardware or even coding solutions that may help you. I have found that the Raspberry Pi is usually pretty capable of running things like HD video/audio etc without much problem assuming things are encoded in formats that are hardware accelerated (H.264)

thanks for the suggestion. looks really nice. i had some problems with playing full hd videos in h264 on the rspberry. itworked well for some videos, but not for videos with certain graphical contents. especially high color 3d renderings. this videos were stuttering to much with omx player. but beside playing videos, i like to play opengl animations in realtime, so a slightly better gpu might be good.

The Intel NUC series looks quite promising to me. The intel HD onboard graphics are not so bad. Any experience with those?

I personally like the alienware alpha, very hackable, good build quality – to me it’s kind of like the new mac mini…

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Looks like a cool one ! Does it get crazy hot with that graphic card ?

no it’s quite well ventilated and designed, I’m using it to drive a 4k screen, it’s really solid.

I’d go for the i7, I got the i5, it’s all fine but certain times I wish I had more cores.

Maybe the OlinuXino boards are enough. The Allwinner Axx-based ones have a Mali 400 GPU, which is more powerful than the Videocore IV on the Broadcom SoC used on the Raspberry Pi. oF runs at least on the A10. They also have a ton of GPIO to control other things (depending on your needs).

Interesting, can you link a video file that doesn’t work well? I want to give it a try and see if it is an encoding issue or not. I just like exhausting software solutions before suggesting new hardware =) but if the other systems are within your price range they are definitely way stronger than the Pi. @zach that Alienware system is pretty beefy certainly bookmarked for future consideration!

Hey guys, thanks for the hints. That gives me a good overview. @DomAmato would be great if you could test a file for me.
I write you a message later…

does someone of you have experience with the some of the odroids? they seem to have a better GPU then the raspberry and are not so much more expensive…