slow leak: FMOD_System_CreateSound()

I’ve been looking at my OF project in the XCode “Leaks” performance tool and I see that FMOD::System::createSound() is allocating NSCFString and NSURL once per call. This is bad for me since I’ve got to make BallDroppings work in a permanent installation context and each ball loads and stores its own instance of the sound file. In trying to find a work around, I considered using setMultiPlay() but I would not be able to control the speed of each play. Was the fmod dll compiled custom, and if so – can I offer to plug the leak?

The FMOD dlls are closed, you can’t modify their source unless you pay for it…and pay a lot.

Try updating to the latest FMOD…go to their homepage and download the latest SDK. They are releasing bug fixes quite frequently. If that still doesn’t work email them and if it’s truly a leak they’ll probably fix it for you within about a week and release it in their development branch with has a much faster release turn-around time.

By the way, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with those allocations…are you sure they are not being deallocated on destruction of the object?