Slow compile time with oF 0.10

I am using oF 0.10 with Mojave and I have noticed that every time I am compiling a new example/project etc it compiles for a long time. It’s not the speed of my machine, it’s that every time it compiles 182 files and takes 5 mins, as if I was compiling oF itself for the first time.

It used to be that the first time you compiled any oF project it would take 5 mins or so, to compile openFrameworks, but then any new projects or examples would compile within 30 seconds as the majority of oF would have already been compiled and only your ofApp.cpp / main code would need to be compiled and linked to the rest of oF.

Any idea why this isn’t the case any more?


ps for clarification: Once a project is compiled it does take 5-10 seconds to recompile after changes, but a new project in the same oF root folder, will take again 5 mins to compile all 182 oF files.

Hi! It’s discussed here (point d):