Slow compilation/build

Hello, is it normal that any change to any file (e.g. ofApp.cpp) takes about 5 seconds of re-build time (via make & make RunRelease)? Is there a way to reduce re-compile/re-build time?

To me 5 to 10 seconds sounds normal. I don’t think I’ve seen it compile under 5 seconds in my computers. Maybe the time could be halved by using an expensive and power hungry desktop computer…

When I was experimenting with C++ and raw openGL compilation time went down to 1 second with a simple program (22 source code files). Faster but without any of the features found in openFrameworks that make life easier.

With larger projects there are approaches to reduce compilation time (having variables in .cpp files instead of .h files when possible, reduce number of included files and interdependencies) but these don’t make much difference with small programs.