Slight problem with OF on Raspberry Pi B++

The transfer and compile on the RPI B+ were performed without ny problems.

But a minor point is worryong me a bit:

Programme started on Putty on PC with Win 10

Raspberry pi B++ Wheezy 2015-05-05
For example, here is how you build and run the polygonExample:
cd /home/pi/openFrameworks/examples/graphics/polygonExample
make run
and everything runs and display on the screep - well ok sp far.
To stop I dir the cntrl C and received the following message
[notice ] ofAppEGLWindow: destroySurface(): destroying EGL surface

BUT the programme did not end and I had to use ps -aef and kill
on another terminal.
A minor point compared to other problems but I think
it does need addressing.

But so far I am very impressed with OF - well,done indeed.

Thank you

What version of oF are you using? I believe this is fixed on master branch. Also, consider ctrl-/ to quit rather than ctrl-c.

The version I used was
curl -O

I found that by using cntl-Z one could terminate the programme.

Is this a chinese site? ( - just curious.