slerp between transformation matrices

i am using the easycam to look around and in my 3d space.

how would i be able to slowly move from one saved transformation matrix to an other one?

should i use Nodes some how?


i guess it is always best to answer your own questions.

i ended up using ofLerp to move from one camera view to an other and added my code to the grabCam example.

bool bDoLerp;  
float lerpStep;  
ofMatrix4x4 lerpMatrix;  
ofMatrix4x4 startMatrix, endMatrix;  
float s_x,s_y,s_z;  
float s_angle;  
ofVec3f s_translateVec;  
float e_x,e_y,e_z;  
float e_angle;  
ofVec3f e_translateVec;  
void testApp::update(){  
    if(bDoLerp == true){  
        ofMatrix4x4 temp_rot;  
        ofMatrix4x4 temp_transl;  
        float l_x = ofLerp(s_x, e_x, lerpStep);  
        float l_y = ofLerp(s_y, e_y, lerpStep);  
        float l_z = ofLerp(s_z, e_z, lerpStep);  
        float l_angle = ofLerpDegrees(s_angle, e_angle, lerpStep);  
        temp_rot.makeRotationMatrix(l_angle, l_x,l_y,l_z);  
        ofVec3f l_translateVec;  
        l_translateVec.x = ofLerp(s_translateVec.x, e_translateVec.x, lerpStep);  
        l_translateVec.y = ofLerp(s_translateVec.y, e_translateVec.y, lerpStep);  
        l_translateVec.z = ofLerp(s_translateVec.z, e_translateVec.z, lerpStep);  
        lerpMatrix = temp_rot * temp_transl;  
        lerpStep += 0.01;  
        if(lerpStep > 1) bDoLerp = false;  
void testApp::keyPressed(int key){  
	if (key=='s')  
		savedPose = camera.getGlobalTransformMatrix();  
	if (key=='l')  
    if(key == 'x'){  
        startMatrix = camera.getGlobalTransformMatrix();  
        endMatrix = savedPose;  
        ofQuaternion s_mP = startMatrix.getRotate();  
        s_translateVec = startMatrix.getTranslation();  
        ofQuaternion e_mP = endMatrix.getRotate();  
        e_translateVec = endMatrix.getTranslation();  
        bDoLerp = true;  
        lerpStep = 0;