someone have code to implement a skybox?
i will really appreciate if someone can share this. i’m tryng to develop a simple solution but i can’t see nothing with my code!

I was just thinking about how to implement a skybox for an upcoming project.

I need a skybox/cubemap for reflections. The shader code for objects in the scene is pretty easy but not really sure where to start for the skybox. Ill post if I come up with anything

Here is an addon that does cube-mapping, might be helpful.

Might also be nice to just roll something like this into a big OF GLUtils addon at some point.

Good idea. I’ll have a play around

i saw this . this is very helpful and i agree with you for the addon!

i have also found this resource (not OF resource…): there are some tutorial for OpenGL and also for a SkyBox.
i have tried to implement it but for now i see also white texture… some thing is wrong in my code if i can’t solve it i will post it . howhever i will post the code when it will be finished for the comunity…

i was able to do the skybox in Ubuntu 11.04 . I leave a zip file with the code . i m working also to integrate it in an addon… i have to solve how to put the skybox and looking around in the middle.