skip files in addon with makefile


I am working on some changes to ofxFenster on linux. I switched to using a makefile. Now my problem is that I have platform specific code and the Makefile automatically compiles every cpp file within the addon. Is there anything planed to skip this behaviour? Maybe by placing a ignore.make file within the addon folder or something like that? Of course when using statically compiled library this problem won’t be an issue but I’m not sure I want to limit it to those, mostly because I don’t have access to all platforms…


yes, that would be really useful. also something we do in OF in this cases is to put the whole cpp in an ifdef for the platform it belongs too. that also makes it easier for other people to add the addon in different platforms

OK, then I’ll go ahead and add the undefs for now, I’m just not too comfortable with adding code to an existing library. Maybe I’ll better go with precompiled libraries then…

just out of curiosity: why do you think is it problematic to add preprocessor directives?

I don’t think it’s problematic to add directives to your own code. I just don’t like to alter the code of a third party library, I use in an addon. Because if you update it, you’d have to do add them again.

But I guess it is a better practice to have precompiled binaries for every system anyways…

I’m running in this problem right now. Now I know what underdoeg meant.
I think this is a problem we should think about agian, because OF is meant to be cross-platform, what means if we add an external lib to an addon we should provide includes for all platforms. currently the Makefile want to compile all in myaddon/libs/mylib/include and like underdoeg said putting switches everywhere is ugly :frowning:

is there any progress on this?
or has somebody an idea how to fix that nicely?

Would you make a bug report for this? Off the top of my head, I don’t think this issue has been filed, yet.

done its here