Skeltrack: Open Source skeleton tracking

Hi guys,

Yesterday I released Skeltrack, a FOSS library for skeleton tracking.
This might be interesting for those who want an alternative to Microsoft SDK or OpenNI.

For more details check out the announcement post:

and its GitHub:

Perhaps someone might wanna contribute to it or integrate it in OF.


Great to see you’re back, Joaquim, and with such a nice project!

Thank you!

I know I haven’t contributed much to OF (apart from some taking part in some discussions in the forum) but hopefully Skeltrack might benefit the project.

Hey this is great; I was really disappointed that the OpenNI/NITE stuff obstructed the skeletal tracking algorithm, and seemed to drain a lot of energy out of the “kinect hack” stuff. This is a boon to this tech for sure, and great to have it just based on depth, not tied to device.

congratulations and thanks much much for posting this – I can’t wait to give it a try, and it’s definitely really nice to start to have openNI alternatives for skeleton data.

Hey guys,

I’m glad you liked it.
If you have any problems testing it, let me know and I’ll try to help.


Awesome! So glad to see an alternative to Openni - well done. Can’t wait to see an example of Skeltrack running in OF.

Hey this really is great; I completed up being really disappointed which the OpenNI/NITE things obstructed the skeletal tracking algorithm, also as appeared to drain a a great deal of energy from the “kinect hack” things. This might be a benefit to this particular specific technology for absolute certain, as well as great to have it simply based in amount, not fastened as much as device.

Really great to see an alternative to OpenNI. :slight_smile:
I was compiling the lib and found some things. The INSTALL mentions you can just do ./configure; make; make install. However since there is no configure you’d need to execute ./ first, right?

I couldn’t get configure to compile the examples… or so it says:

 Skeltrack 0.1.10  
              Install prefix:   /usr/local  
    Build introspection data:   yes  
     Build API documentation:   no  
           Enable debug mode:   no  
      Enable automated tests:   yes  
              Build examples:   no  

Even if I set --enable-examples. Could be because I don’t have gfreenect… since I can’t compile it by hand either.

I’m not so familiar with gobject and gnome approaches however since Winblows isn’t mentioned anywhere has there been any success getting this running on Windows?



Awesome! And as a result pleased to see a particular alternative to Openni - well done. Can’t wait to see a particular example of Skeltrack operating in OF.