Skeleton tracking with OF & Kinect: in need of a good setup guide

Hello everyone,

I’m trying for days to get skeleton tracking to work with my Kinect & oF, but without success. I’ve tried more or less anything I could find, and I’m in need of a good proven guide for doing it.

Here’s what I have:
Kinect XBOX 360 (1414 version)
oF v. 0.8.4.
ofxOpenNI addon
Installed NITE
Installed OpenNI 2.2. (both 32 and 64)
Visual Studio Express 2012

And I tried to make the default examples in the ofxOpenNI work but couldn’t.
I need a good and detailed guide for doing it. Any help or reference would be appreciated!

hi, i was wondering if you managed to make it work ?
im also trying to run the examples without success