Skeleton tracking and depth camera in the post-kinect post-OpenNI world


I’m on linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and have the latest sdk. By PR you mean project?

Running it with realsense d435 on the up board!


I meant PR against ofxNuitrack which includes your changes. Can be helpful for other Linux users :slight_smile:


Hello Audiophil,

Thanks for reply !!

Ok. I see there are included libraries for mac os. I guess I need to look for something similar for windows in such case.

Any idea if nite libraries are provided with source?


I successfully used ofxNI2 on OSX and Win, using my “vintage” nite libraries; if you did not keep your old libraries, they’re easy to find online (and if you cannot find them, drop me a message and I’ll be happy to share my copy)

Unfortunately nite is not open source, so no source code. Which means ofxNI2 is a temporary solution, which one day will stop working, which is the reason I started this thread :slight_smile:


If you scroll to the bottom of the ofxNI2 github page, you’ll find a link to a page which provides the windows libraries. But I agree with naus3a that using these old NiTE libraries is not a longterm solution.


I managed to get ofxNi2 working with libfreenect2 for kinectV2, it is working for mac and OSX using openCL acceleration. I know it is not futureproof but it works for now and gives skeleton tracking in OF with kinectV2 on windows and mac (linux is an easy addition but I don’t have a machine right now). It should support multiple kinects (again dont have them to test)

Due to the way openNI2 works it should be easy enough to support other depth cameras (as long as someone has built an openni plugin for them)

There is a problem with the example-assimp-model for now. It tracks but does not animate.