Skeleton tracking and depth camera in the post-kinect post-OpenNI world


I’m on linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and have the latest sdk. By PR you mean project?

Running it with realsense d435 on the up board!


I meant PR against ofxNuitrack which includes your changes. Can be helpful for other Linux users :slight_smile:


Hello Audiophil,

Thanks for reply !!

Ok. I see there are included libraries for mac os. I guess I need to look for something similar for windows in such case.

Any idea if nite libraries are provided with source?


I successfully used ofxNI2 on OSX and Win, using my “vintage” nite libraries; if you did not keep your old libraries, they’re easy to find online (and if you cannot find them, drop me a message and I’ll be happy to share my copy)

Unfortunately nite is not open source, so no source code. Which means ofxNI2 is a temporary solution, which one day will stop working, which is the reason I started this thread :slight_smile:


If you scroll to the bottom of the ofxNI2 github page, you’ll find a link to a page which provides the windows libraries. But I agree with naus3a that using these old NiTE libraries is not a longterm solution.