Skeleton pickup ofxOpenNi/ kinects on stage

I have ofxOpenNi working very nicely, I am a bit curious if anyone knows about the skeleton pickup. I have a kinect in a pretty open area, it is big enough and has a goof fov of my whole body. I have a cross marked on the floor where the speed that it detected my skeleton was fastest- so I don’t get too frustrated when I am working. The thing I find strange is the variation in times it takes to find me. Sometimes it is nearly instant, I walk in and then in less than a second I am being tracked, sometimes, (and the light conditions are exactly the same, no natural light, no changes of furniture or position) it does not find me at all.

Does anyone know why this may be?

I did see some limbConfidence variables in ofxOpenNi but I am unsure what the do.

This may be related, I will have to take this show on the road- being on stage with incandescent theatre lighting. I have advised the lighting team to put IR blocking filters on all the lights. Does anyone have a good tip for using kinects in theatres? The unreliability I have in this room is begining to freak me out.


I am facing the same problem. I noticed when I increase the number of users it gets better (setMaxNumUsers(n)). For instance for just one user the skeleton tracking it doesn’t start or when it (rarely) does it takes several seconds.
Summed it up, my number of users should be greater than 1.
I’ve tryed with user.setConfidenceThreshold(0.8f) without luck (for just one user)

If you can solve this, I appreciate your hint on it.

In my case, I wonder if it has to do with my computer configuration.
256kb Graphic Card
Intel Dual core. 2.26 HZ