Skallen released on iOS

I would like to thank every single person contributing to this fantastic open source project. I have finally been able to release my game Skallen on iOS, and I’m well aware that I have a lot of people to thank for that. I haven’t been an active contributor myself, but if anyone has questions about doing 2d games on iOS with openFrameworks, feel free to ask anything and maybe I’ll be able to give something back.

Skallen is a classic platformer with controls designed for touchscreens. No virtual D-pad and no autorunning. 20 levels are for free.

Link to appstore:





Well done! Love to see iOS projects done with openFrameworks! Will definitely download!

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Nice! Looks fun!

I’ll it out shortly.

Good to see someone else making games with OF!

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Ok, sorry for the long delay. I forgot to get back to this.

I just gave it a try today, and it was quite fun! I love the clacking jaw when the skull lands. The music is great, too. Interesting controls, well explained.

Good job!

Didn’t notice any issues on my iPhone 5s.