Size of android app

Ive compiled androidEmptyExample and its 43.93mb!!! Is this the expected size or is there something im missing…

what are there inside the apk?

how do i produce one? ive built the demo and sent it to my device using adb but i cant find an apk file anywhere in the androidEmptyExample folder or sub folders…


my setup didnt produce that file, weird. but i did figure out how to export an unsigned package and that was “only” 14.4 mb. looking inside of it, it seems that theres multiple variants of (for neon armeabi-v7a and armeabi. Am i able to target just one of these so my apk is smaller?

check the makefile at oFPath/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/android/

there is a line: ABIS_TO_COMPILE_RELEASE = armv5 armv7 neon

modify this line as you need

Thank you very much. btw i saw the line below that, if i had compiled debug i would have only been arm7 lol. Again thank you very much sir.

your welcome