SimpleGuiToo on OSX

Hello fellow OFers,

I’m trying to use SimpleGuiToo on OS X.

  • I downloaded SimpleGuiToo and ofxMSAInteractiveObject.
  • I copied the folders into “addons”

Unfortunately, I can’t make the example work. There is no Xcode project, so I tried the following: copy the emptyExample folder, replace the three source files with the ones from the “example” folder of SimpleGuiToo, and then add the paths to the “src” folders to Header Search Library in XCode. It seems to find everything, but I get a big bunch of linking error:


Has someone managed to compile and use it ?

It looks like maybe some cpp files are not getting compiled? I compiled the ofxSimpleGuiToo example in XCode for a workshop once. Not sure if it works for you as well, but I’ll attach the project.

cheers ph

Hello theo,
Thank you for the answer.
I have finally been able to compile it: you have to add all dependencies and libraries to the “src” folder.

I’ll have a look at your example too.