Simple Tutorial / Example of working with Pixels in OF

I’ve been downloading and using a lot of examples from the forums and figured I’d try and give something back ! I’ve been trying to port over fun examples from processing / flash to learn Open Frameworks better and post what I’ve learned. I created an example based off of an article from, you can check out the full article on my blog :
The code is on my github :

Here’s a screenshot of what the final app looks like :

looks really nice,thanks for sharing

hey this is nice, thanks for sharing. i did something similar the other day using video as input:

Hey erikparr, I had been trying to modify the source code to use live video like you have but must be doing it wrong because in my code it starts out fine and then slowly starts to choke.

Would u be able to post ur source so I can have a look how you did that.

Cheers mate,

Hi Josh, well I actually started out by modifying Kyle McDonald´s particle system and particle classes so you can pass color information to the particles and update the color info each time. (see here: )

It was just an experiment so my code is pretty sloppy… but if you dont mind I can post all the code later today.