Simple Slider user Interface

Hi guys,

there are so many GUI-Tool i tested ofxsimpleguitoo but setting it up requires thousands of other libs, is there not a tiny peace of gui-tool where i just can add some sliders which retrieves values between 0-1 ?


Look into ofxUI. It doesn’t require anything except ofxXmlSettings, has tons of controls, and is getting more flexible all the time. Its on Github.

I am using vs2010,

i just added the source files:

but i am getting errors.

ofxUICanvas.h = > do i have to ignore this or something like that? it says that this is for android.


hi! no, this error is because erroneously, a recent commit in ofxUI included compatibility changes in ofEvents for the upcoming OF 0071 release. You have to use this commit or earlier for now, a fix is in the pipeline:

Thanks, that worked for me!

Bitte. :slight_smile:
Btw, in the future it will be more useful if the error messages in screenshots you post are in english (and complete). Not a problem in this case, cause it’s a pretty simple case, but could be for a more complicated issue.

Danke :slight_smile:

i will try to post my error messages in future in english :wink:

btw, i am presenting the outcome.

very nice. :slight_smile: that worm-like structure is interesting…