Simple overlay over camera preview in iPhone/iPad

Hello, I would like to draw a simple animation over the camera preview (or “live view”) of the iPhone/iPad. How do i do this?

could anyone please point me in the right direction?

i don’t have any iOS programming experience, but if it’s as easy as i suspect then you just need to draw your animation after drawing the video from the video grabber.

I’m extremely surprised! Kyle McDonald has no iOS programming experience? Sorry i know that’s completely unrelated, but I imagine if you did, and you used your little take-a-photo-every-minute app, you could document the life of an iPhone. But ok back to the topic:

yes Kyle is right. use the videoGrabberExample in iPhoneSpecificExamples as reference for the videoGrabber.

cherdd, i have XCode 3.1.4 and iPhone SDK 3.1.3, and I downloaded the pre-006 FAT version. I don’t see the videoGrabber example you mention, where can i get this?

Many thanks,


@cicatristeza you should download 007, which is the first release to ‘officially’ support iOS in the core. anything previous was kind of addon-based.

@cherdd i’ve been trying to avoid iOS since everyone seems to return from it completely defeated and frustrated :slight_smile:

will 007 run on xcode 3.1.4 on leopard? i do not have snow leopard.

sorry cicatristeza, i’m not sure that 007 runs on OSX 10.5. i think i saw a thread last month where someone was saying they have problems, and theo said the goal for OF is only to target is the current and previous OS versions.

that said, 007 was released the same day as lion, so i would hope that 007 isn’t too difficult to get working on 10.5. give it a shot!

@cicatristeza: i’m not sure if 0062 FAT exists somewhere, but I use that along with Xcode 4 on OSX 10.6.8. It should have enough relevant examples to get your through what you need to do.

@kyle: i wish i had avoided it too. i have over-committed on two apps that have been struggling with version issues. Drives me insane. It doesn’t help that the iOS SDK gets updated 100000000 times a year. gj on the face puppet vid btw.