Silo 648 - Light Art Installation in Helsinki

Hi guys, I would like to share our last project made with ofx.

The project is a conversion of oil silo into light art piece and a public space designed by Madrid based Lighting Design Collective (LDC). It sits by the sea facing central Helsinki, Finland, and was built for the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012.

Tecné Colelctive joined LDC to create a custom control software in OFX to control the lights animations. The idea was to have organic no repetitive patters related to weather changes in the city. For this we programmed a particle system that combines two different approaches to flocking simulations and one more related to swarm simulation, combined at the same time in different proportions. As wind speed change, the parameters for the simulation varies creating a very changing animations.

Silo468 is located 2km away from the city center, and the lights are visible up to 5 km away. In the distance, the silo structure is not visible, and you can see only the lights.

Special thanks to the ofx team and the forum users to share so much information, and also to roxlu for ofxCurl and reza for ofxUI.

More information about the project can be found in:

whoa, very nice project, looks great!

Thanks bilderbuchi