SIGSEGV error, ofBuffer&utf8 file, openFrameworks 0.9.2

Hey guys,

I try to read a utf8 text file into an ofBuffer with oF0.9.2. But the app crashes with a SIGSEGV error.

The output lines are correct. The error occurs in the end of the setup() method.

What is wrong here with this code?
My test device: LG G3 (Android 5.0, Locale:en-GB)

Crashing code:

void ofApp::setup() {
    ofLogNotice("ofApp") << "ofApp Setup";
    ofLogNotice("ofApp") << "Setup finished";

void ofApp::update() {
    ofLogNotice("ofApp") << "ofApp Update";

void ofApp::draw() {
    ofLogNotice("ofApp") << "ofApp Draw";

void ofApp::loadFile(std::string filename) {
    ofFile file(filename);
    ofBuffer textfile(file);

    ofBuffer::Lines alllines = textfile.getLines();
    std::string firstline = alllines.begin().asString();
    ofLogNotice("ofApp") << "First Line:" << firstline;

    for (const std::string& currentline : alllines) {
        ofLogNotice("ofApp") << "Current Line:" << currentline;

    ofLogNotice("ofApp") << "Reading file finished";

Logcat output:

 I/ofApp: First Line:openFrameworks 0.9.2 ile Türkçe dosya okuma testi
 I/ofApp: Current Line:openFrameworks 0.9.2 ile Türkçe dosya okuma testi
 I/ofApp: Current Line:Yeşil ağaçlar güzeldir.
 I/ofApp: Current Line:Şampiyon takımın oyuncuları sevinçliydi.
 I/ofApp: Current Line:Çok eğlenceli bir yürüyüş gerçekleştirdik.
 I/ofApp: Current Line:
 I/ofApp: Current Line:
 I/ofApp: Reading file finished
 I/ofApp: Setup finished
 I/ofApp: --------- beginning of crash
 A/libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0xe670d00 in tid 20756 (GLThread 4436)

Never mind, this did somehow start to work.