Signals not caught in OF 0.8.4

Hi !

I’m working on an app with OpenFrameworks 0.8.4, and I want to stop cleanly my app when I receive a signal (SIGINT, SIGABRT or SIGTERM). But I have a problem : when I send any signal, it looks like my app crashes and the sighandler method in ofAppRunner is never called.

I tested on the EmptyExample, and the result is the same.
Here is what I send : killall -2 emptyExampleDebug
And the app seems to always stop in glfwSwapBuffers() function, at line 362 in ofAppGLFWWindow.cpp, instead of calling the sighandler method.

Did I miss something ? I don’t understand why the handler doesn’t catch signals.
I work on OS X 10.9.5, Xcode v5.1.1

This sounds like a bug that may have been fixed in the latest version of oF. Could you try it with a nightly build or the master branch? If it’s not working, then definitely file an issue and we can try to track down the problem.

I just tried with OF up to the latest commit on master branch, and I’ve got the same problem. The app is interrupted without calling the ofSignalHandler.