SIGABRT XCode5 of Version 0.8.0


I am testing out a ofMatrix and when building for Debug I am receiving a SIGABRT error when calling a function from within another method. The parameters I am sending to the method are fine, have checked them via debugging and outputting to the console. I only recieve this error while building for Debug, when building for a release everything works fine.

[font=Verdana]bool fuzzyEq(ofMatrix3x3 & a, ofMatrix3x3 & b) {
for (int e = 0; e < 9; ++e) {
if (fabs(a[e]-b[e])) {
return false;
return true;

The code which calls this method is

[font=Verdana]return fuzzyEq(lhs, rhs);

I am running the test 10 times and it stops after the first iteration on the call to fuzzyEq.

If anybody can help out on this that would be great as it is driving me nuts!

Did you find the problem in the end?

Differences between Debug and Release behaviour usually points to initialisation mistakes e.g. missing or out of sequence initialisation…