Showing the code hint quickly

I code in OS X platforms. when I code , it will take a several seconds or minutes to wait for showing the code hint ,sometimes just don’t show up even though it is the same code as last time show up the hint .

Hi, that an issue with xcode. seach the forum for “code sense” or “code completion”, there are lots of issues about it, some good tips but really no real fix .

thankyou for reminding me

Same for me. If you find a fix, please post it here.

I abandoned XCode because of this and now use Jet Brains’ AppCode. It’s much better for C++ development. However, it has also started to slow down now and autosuggest takes 5s or more to appear. I have the same experience on another mac I have.

Both 0.9.8 and 0.10.

I’m starting to wonder whether this is somehow related to OpenFrameworks for mac itself.

In OF 0.10 there were a big bunch of fixes that reduced heavilly the number of includes which makes compilation faster and things like auto completion faster too. The problem is that it is a big thing and xcode kinda doesnt like it. it seems to behave in the same way while using other libs in c++ in xcode.
I’ve heard that AppCode is quite good but it is a paid product.
By far, in my experience, what works the best regarding autocompletion is Microsoft’s visual studio on windows.
VSCode is available for OSX and there are some people working with it and some guides and template projects for using it. It seems taht it handles well the autocompletion feature.