showing multiple strings into one text area

i’m using Open frameworks (ofx) on ios and I want to show a normal string array in a text field. How can i do this best?

   #include <iostream>  
#include <string>  
@implementation MyGuiView  
// called automatically after the view is loaded, can be treated like the constructor or setup() of this class  
-(void)viewDidLoad {  
    myApp = (testApp*)ofGetAppPtr();  
-(void)setStatusString:(NSString *)trackStr{  
    displayText.numberOfLines = 20;  
    for(int i=0; i< myApp->numDragTags  
    string  statusStr = ofToString(myApp->twitterData);  
    displayText.text = ofxStringToNSString(statusStr );  


its a bit hard to see from your code what you’re trying to do… but i think your on the right track.
ofToString() is used to convert a int or float values to a string.
ofxStringToNSString() will convert a string to NSString.
so it looks like you’re using those functions correctly.

in your for loop, you can do something like this.

    string str = "";  
    for( int i=0; i<10; i++ )  
        str += "line " + ofToString( i ) + " of twitter data. ";  
    NSString *strObj = ofxStringToNSString( str );  


Thanks, that did it!