Showing images from a remote SSH server

Hi everyone

I am working on a c++ applicaion using openframeworks.

I want to show some images in my app. The images exist on a remote ssh server, so I want to load them at runtime and show them in my app.

I tried to use ofURLFileLoader but I couldn’t connect to the ssh server with it, and also didn’t see any way to feed the username and password for the server into that. I also downloaded the add-on ofxHttpUtils but didn’t find a way to use it to connect to ssh using a username and password.

Can anyone show me the way to go?


ssh is a very different protocol than http so none of those classes will work, you might need some library that does sftp like libcurl, or even simpler use curl doing a command line call from your program using system("curl...") to download the pictures to a local folder when the app starts or from time to time at runtime

Thanks a lo Arturo.
Looks like i could just use loadImage like this after all:


Apparently I didn’t need a username and password for just loading the image. They were required only for copying the image to the server!