Should we create a comprehensive creative coding knowledge base?

I started out creative coding on Processing, but lately I have been working with openFrameworks. While these two communities are pretty close I find that a lot of information pertaining to creative coding is spread across the internet, interspersed throughout blog posts, artist’s websites and community forums. However, much of this information is relevant to any and all development platforms.

For example, If I want to have a sphere travel in an elliptical orbit, I might have to search the processing forums, the openFrameworks forums, stackOverflow as well as blogs. Couldn’t this appear in a wiki as some subsection of animation?and perhaps have code snippets for the most popular frameworks?

Would it be valuable to have centralized wiki to collect and link all of these resources, or is this something better left to the respective communities?

i think it’s good that the communities are all active in their own space, but what would be really cool is an aggregator. something that tells you “here is a link to the relevant thread on the OF forum, here it is on the processing forum, here on stackoverflow”.