Share&&Tell / November 19 / Ghent, Belgium.

HellOF there!

If you are in Belgium this friday, then come share some beers with us!

We got a nice meeting event in Ghent at Timelab:

I have the pleasure to be associated with the finest creative coders from Belgium! Thanks to Corneel Cannaerts, we are going to talk about creative coding, certainly about Processing, Openframeworks and Actionscript and about how we use that in our everyday work! If you share a beer with us, we’ll definitly share some code with you :wink:

Simon Geilfus ( will show some of his custom made tools and interfaces for audio visual live-performance made with Openframeworks.

SHARE && TELL is a platform for creative coding. It connects people who write code, script or patch as integral part of a creative process. In an opensource spirit participants are invited to share insights into the creative process of writing code, results of their creative practice and source code.

SHARE && TELL is organised by Corneel Cannaerts and hosted by dorkbot and timelab.!/event.php?ei-…-7330656655[/i][/size]

So if you are in Belgium you HAVE to come (and you WILL ;))! See you there!



Thanks, Simon. If I find myself in the neighborhood, I’ll stop in. Cheers!