ShadowRunner - sports event installation

Hey guys, just wanted to show off my first installation work:

Essentially just some video masking, but nicely packaged up in an exe with an easy output to youtube/facebook.

Wouldn’t have been possible without help from the forums, thanks so much!


edit: and yeah I know it’s not AR, I can’t control marketing people :frowning:

Just because it lacks fiduciary markers doesn’t mean it isn’t AR! This is a really great example of a simple idea that is cleanly executed to produce something people can identify with and actually use.

Well done!

hi keeran, congratulations!

can you describe a bit more your installation? people that try to run can see itself and the person on the left of the video?
What system hardware and software(OpenFrameworksof course…) exactly did you used?

Hi Keeran great work

Would you be able to explain how you posted to images to facebook. Was it done in the app or just posted after the show. I fit was done in the app how did you do it?


Thanks Bill - I know, you’re right, I’m slowly coming around to accepting this technique as ‘AR’, it’s just not as technically challenging/rewarding as the ‘other’ stuff :slight_smile:

kalwalt - there’s a projector & screen behind the camera and 40" TVs dotted around showing people what’s going on in the scene. It’s all running on a 2.6gh mac mini with 8gb ram. Realtime is all openFrameworks, offline/backend Ruby & Python.

az_rr - all the social stuff is done outside of OF, the app dumps videos and images into certain directories then some Ruby scripts crawl through them and upload / post to the services.

Thanks for the kind words :smiley: We’ve now deployed ShadowRunner into the Mizuno Olympic promo show, hopefully I’ll be able to do a bigger show and tell about the software soon.