Shaders with textures inside FBOs.... anybody could do it?????


so after a few days and nights trying to understand and code fbos, shaders, textures, quads, etc, i am needing some help, because as much as i do, i can not make this simple thing happen:

use a shader with textures into an fbo, i.e., passing the fbo texture(s) and/or other ones into a shader, while being into the fbo, i.e. “offScreen”.

I can use shaders with textures rendering onscreen, i can use shaders with no texture calls into fbos, but impossible to get good results when i use shader with textures into an fbo: black screen, artifacts, whatever.

I explored and modified several examples from the forum, but no one is doing well. Tried all the “tricks”… no luck.

It should be simple:

say i want to use a blur shader that needs sample2DRect “tex0” . I am into the fbo “fbo1”… if i use fbo1…bind() &&&&&&& fbo1…unbind it does the job, but only onscreen , not inside a fbo, for example.

Anybody has a working example (of 007) of this simple task?
Anybody has succesfully used

shader.setUniformTexture("tex0", ofTexture& img, int textureLocation);  


I only want to apply shaders (passing textures to them) inside fbos…

Any help would be really appreciated, and a good example would be reeeeeaaaallly nice !.

thank you !.
macbook pro, ATIRadeon1600, of 007. osx 10.6.4.

Any advice?

Hi replay to myself…
check this link where i explain the process:,-textures,-shaders-in-of-007…/6843/1