Shaders - Tutorial Questions re: 04 Simple Textures


I’m following the Shaders Tutorials -->

The “Adding Textures” section of code is different than the code example on Github for 04_SimpleTexturing. In the Setup from 04_SimpleTexturing there is the following code:

plane.set(800, 600, 10, 10);  
    plane.mapTexCoords(0, 0, img.getWidth(), img.getHeight()); //why do we do this twice?  
    ofVec4f tcoords = plane.getTexCoords();  
    plane.mapTexCoords(tcoords.x, tcoords.y, tcoords.z, tcoords.w);  

I’m not super clear on this. Why is mapTexCoords called twice? I can see that there is some connection between passing in a texture (mapTextCoordsFromTexture()), texture coordinates (?) (mapTextCoords()), and normalization, but it’s a bit foggy.

There’s no need for that at all so I’ve gone ahead and removed it from the github repository. Thanks for dropping a note about it!